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Advair Diskus
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Generic Advair Diskus Fluticasone - Salmeterol 0.10mg + 0.05/0.25mg + 0.05/0.5mg + 0.05mg

Generic Advair Diskus is used for long-term treatment of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in certain patients.

Asthma, Respiratory Tract

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0.10mg + 0.05mg × 1 inhaler$149.99$ 149.99 
0.10mg + 0.05mg × 2 inhaler$249.99$ 125.00  $49.99
PackagePricePer itemSavingsOrder
0.25mg + 0.05mg × 1 inhaler$169.99$ 169.99 
0.25mg + 0.05mg × 2 inhaler$299.99$ 150.00  $39.99
PackagePricePer itemSavingsOrder
0.5mg + 0.05mg × 1 inhaler$189.99$ 189.99 
0.5mg + 0.05mg × 2 inhaler$349.99$ 175.00  $29.99
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